Friday, April 24, 2009

crow heads

Big crow barking-bellow croaking-caw
Taunting this sorrowing wallow I swim.
“Do it” bawks that bastard “Give me your every
thought - I’ll bring him words from you.”
To bleed it out, I open wide
This blackest head slots right inside.
Snug against my teeth, his neck.
His wormy beak now drains my breath.

swallow Crow.

He sniffs out every thought I think
Now deep inside my craw he drinks.

He gnaws what is unspoken
He cracks my molars broken.

shards of tooth
and blood to swallow.
one black feather
is sent inside my throat.
no coughing.

His feathered skull withdraws and I am hollow
Full empty in my maw: my heart will follow.
His body trills, a blink, wings spread blocking light
Every scrap of you and me is swallowed up in flight.